The Ferrante Group ("TFG") is a Naples, Florida based Family Office that makes both private and public direct investments across a broad range of industries.   TFG has significant expertise and exposure in information technology, consumer, media, manufacturing, aerospace, business services, financial services, and real estate. 

Our capital comes entirely from the Ferrante family and provides a permanent capital base that enables long-term investments and decision making.

Our principals have over 40 years of combined experience in public and private investing, and over that time have developed a reputation as successful, effective, transparent, and predictable partners to company owners and managers.

TFG typically invests $10 to $40 million per investment, generally corresponding to companies generating $3 to $20 million of annual EBITDA.  We have significant investment flexibility and operate outside the constraints of institutional partners and structures. 

TFG invests in competitively advantaged companies and assets with strong economic models. We are interested in companies that exhibit the following characteristics:

  • The potential to grow organically in core markets or through expansion in complimentary markets;
  • A sustainable business model with a path to strong cash flows;
  • Significant barriers to entry, ideally through proprietary technologies or processes;
  • A core team of solid managers committed to the long-term success of the business;
  • A culture which historically has rewarded competence, ethical behavior, and loyalty.

Our public market investments focus on competitively advantaged businesses with proven operating executives who have consistently demonstrated top quartile results in their respective industries. As is the case with our private investments, we approach our public investments with a long-term perspective in mind.  Our public investments are typically underpinned by a belief that the general market has incorrectly assessed the attractiveness or sustainability of a business model over the longer term.

Please contact Todd Binkowski (, (239) 304-8990) with investment opportunities.