For Potential Operating Partners
The Ferrante Group relishes the opportunity to partner with outstanding C-level executives.  Our principals have significant experience in these same C-level roles and understand that how we work with and support our executive management teams has a significant impact on the overall success of our portfolio companies.

We are strong proponents of incentivizing and rewarding strong operational execution.   

By owning equity and driving value creation, operating executives in our portfolio companies can build meaningful wealth while enjoying a partnership with backers who are supportive, insightful, and who speak their language.  We are not simply financial engineers, rather we seek to position our management teams for operational success by supporting them in day-to-day operations and working with them as thought partners to identify opportunities and take risks when justified by the expected rewards.

 For Intermediaries & Independent Equity Sponsors
The Ferrante Group understands the significant value creation potential of our Intermediaries and Independent Equity Sponsors.

We have a long-standing reputation for providing timely and transparent feedback, and for treating our deal sources the way we want to be treated – with courtesy and respect. 

If you bring us an opportunity that is not a fit for The Ferrante Group, we are happy to leverage contacts in our networks that may be able to help you.  Our goal is to help you get your deals done as we believe that path will lead to strong long-term relationships between The Ferrante Group and our deal sourcing partners.​